Grumpy Cat Has A Voice

Aubrey Plaza will be the maudlin moggy for a TV movie

Grumpy Cat Has A Voice

by James White |
Published on


Because we live in an age of miracles and also things like this, pretty much anything can become a film. Or in this case, a TV movie… Yes, Grumpy Cat, the adorably angry and often depressed-looking feline that has spawned a multimedia franchise covering books, clothing and stationery, is now the basis for a Lifetime channel TV movie with Aubrey Plaza voicing the star.

There was talk back in May of a feature film, which is still in development via J****ack And Jill producers Todd Garner and Sean Robbins, but this is something different. It’s a Xmas-set project, in fact, called Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. The plot – yes, there will be one – finds the feline one as a constantly overlooked pet store cat who meets a 12 year-old girl called Chrystal and makes her life a living nightmare of scowling put-downs bonds with her.

For anyone unsure about the cat in question, Grumpy has been an internet star for a couple of years now and is clearly ready to take the world by storm - even if she’s probably sick of all the attention. The TV movie will hit US screens on November 29 and, presumably, not long after that on Lifetime’s UK branch.

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