Groundhog Death

Multiple murder plot planned

by empire |
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Hey look kids! A man who got his start directing adverts is making the move to the movies! That never happens!

The latest in a looong line of commercial-helmers- turned- film-directors is Dario Piana, who has a background of approximately 400 ads. But his next project is The Deaths Of Ian, an indie horror film that has the backing of Stan Winston Productions (Stan, you might recall, previously produced cannibal slasher Wrong Turn).

Deaths sounds like a bloodier version of Groundhog Day, in which an all-American man is murdered by nasty types but then finds himself waking up in a slightly different life to enjoy the outright terror of being slaughtered over and over again. Unsurprisingly, Winston’s studios will produce the killer creatures.

Piana will grab the megaphone this summer on the Isle Of Man.

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