Green Zone Trailer Released

Damon discovers truth, distributes pain

Green Zone Trailer Released

by Alastair Plumb |
Published on

As you probably already know, we're big fans of the Bourne series here at Empire so it'll come as no surprise that we're a just a little bit excited about another arse-kicking outing from Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon in their new WMD thriller (a genre we've just made up), Green Zone.

Named after the four square mile International Zone in Baghdad, Green Zone follows Roy Miller (Damon), a warrant officer helping the CIA find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (SPOILER: They don’t find them. Boo.).

Needless to say, there’s conspiracy in the air and Miller is the man who won’t rest until he’s uncovered it, even if it does mean resorting to rifle fire and occasionally kicking people in the chest, asthe trailer adequately demonstrates.

You can look forward to seeing Damon in camo gear come March next year.

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