Green Hornet Finds His Kato

Jay Chou cast as kickass chauffeur

Green Hornet Finds His Kato

by Owen Williams |
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Following Stephen Chow's departure, the Kato-shaped gap in Michel Gondry's**Green Hornet **has now been filled, say Variety. Jay Chou will fill Bruce Lee's shoes as the ass-kicking chauffeur, alongside Seth Rogan as the titular vigilante newspaper tycoon.

Chou is a hugely prolific, classically trained Taiwanese singer-songwriter, with 25 million album sales under his belt. His music blends r&b, rap, rock, pop and world music in what's been dubbed "the Chou style" (because, like, he invented it) and he's won the World Music Award four times.

Films are a late addition to his CV. His first was the live-action adaptation of the Initial D anime in 2005, He played Prince Jai in Zhang Yimou's Curse of the Golden Flower, and wrote, directed and starred (and provided the music, obvously) in the multi-award-winning romance Secret in 2007.

Here's the video for Lang Man Shou Ji{ =nofollow}, which has both acting and singing in it, though not much evidence of this groundbreaking smorgasbord musical style we've heard so much about.

Green Hornet is Chou's Western debut. His plans for world domination are currently under wraps.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Snitch reports that Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos will be playing a role in** Green Hornet** as well, but it's not yet confirmed what that is. We're hoping for A Large One.

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