Graham Linehan Creating New US IT Crowd

IT Crowd

by James White |
Published on

Once in a while, a US TV network will have a crack at remaking a British series. It doesn't often work out, and indeed NBC has already tried twice to bring The IT Crowd to the States. Now, though, the company has the show's creator, Graham Linehan, involved.

The show, about three odd tech experts (well, two in Chris O'Dowd's Roy and Richard Ayoade's Moss, with Katherine Parkinson's Jen their less-than-savvy manager) found the characters dealing with stupid co-workers, unusual events and the odd fire.

NBC tried back in 2007, with a pilot that starred Joel McHale and saw Ayoade back as Moss. Then there was a project in 2014 envisioned by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence that never even made it to the pilot stage. With Linehan involved, there's hope this take will be better and might actually have a chance to make it, though if it doesn't, we still have four series and the finale to enjoy.

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