Goodbye Ga’Hoole, Hello Guardians

Name-change for Snyder owl epic

Goodbye Ga'Hoole, Hello Guardians

by Helen O'Hara |
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We saw a few scenes from Zack Snyder's Guardians of Ga'Hoole last year, and it looks good, boasting surprisingly expressive owls and some good voice work from the largely Antipodean cast. But the news today is that the film's title has been changed to Legend of the Guardians, presumably because no-one knows where Ga'Hoole is.

This blatant discrimination against names with apostrophes in them* means that we're left with a film boasting a more generic title, but one which people should at least know how to pronounce. The only danger is whether fans of the books will realise that the films are adaptations thereof, but we're guessing a subtitle or tagline can take care of that, and let them know that it's still the story of the young owl (Jim Sturgess) kidnapped by the evil owls of St. Aggie's and in search of the legendary Guardians.

Legend of the Guardians (Of Ga'Hoole) is out on September 24 in the US and October 15 here in the UK. In the meantime, join us in a quest to help Hollywood overcome its fear of punctuation and embrace the apostrophe!

*Note byline below if you're wondering why we're pro-apostrophe.

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