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Thunderpants premiere sets farting record

by empire |
Published on

Ordinarily, celebrity film premieres can be rather staid affairs. As the guests are all dressed up in their finery there's usually precious little in the way of popcorn throwing or other sorts of tomfoolery in the stalls at Leicester Square. So it was refreshing to learn that the World Premiere of Thunderpants aimed to change all that this weekend with an attempt to break the record for the most people sitting simultaneously on whoopee cushions. Happily for all concerned, Empire Online has learned this morning that the record was indeed broken by the 680 premiere attendees, among them the kiddie stars of the film, Rupert Grint and Bruce Cook and director Peter Hewitt, setting a new world record in simulated flatulence. Isn't it good to see people putting the Great back into Great Britain?

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