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Moses returns for Ten Commandments 3

by Willow Green |
Published on

He's the mouthpiece of the one true God, the conduit for the Almighty's righteous vengeance and the gifted public speaker who first informed people that murder was an unattractive habit. He's the main man Moses and he'll soon be returning to a cinema screen near you to pick up where he left off. No, this isn't an action-packed biblical sequel with Moses returning from exile to take the fight to Pharoah, but rather another stab at the Exodus story Cecil B DeMille immortalised first in 1923 and once again with Charlton Heston in 1956. The Passion has well and truly brought the bible back into fashion, and with Jesus' story now doing the rounds it seems only right to give the good book's other holy avenger a suitably big budget outing. The Life Of David Gale writer Charles Randolph has been tasked with bringing Moses' saga to life for the first time since Dreamworks' Prince of Egypt in what is being touted as 'a serious, research-based treatment'. It's doubtful that this new Ten Commandments will come close to the controversy surrounding Gibson's Christ saga but if it's cinematic storyline you're after then Exodus definitely delivers the goods. Besides, with The Day After Tomorrow's Mark Gordon producing, you can guarantee that the Red Sea will literally see people swept away.

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