Glass Onion Director’s Commentary From Rian Johnson Coming To Netflix

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

by Tom Nicholson |
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We’re all for the future. But there are some things which the past did differently – and, frankly, better. Well, one thing at least: director’s commentaries. We didn’t know how good we had it in the DVD era, did we? Thankfully, Rian Johnson gets it. Back when Knives Out came out on Blu-ray and other formats, the writer-director, his DOP Steve Yedlin and his recurring actor pal Noah Segan put together a director’s commentary for the first Benoit Blanc case – and while the sequel, Glass Onion, came to Netflix and so likely won't get a physical release any time soon, we are at least still getting a commentary for it. As of tomorrow, you’ll be able to watch Glass Onion on Netflix with Johnson sharing his memories from set and pointing out all the Easter eggs.

From 6pm on Friday, you can listen to Johnson’s Glass Onion commentary on the streaming service – and fans in the mood for behind-the-scenes how-we-made-it tidbits will certainly want to check it out. Last time around, there were some absolute belters: Lakeith Stanfield and Segan semi-jokingly pitched a spin-off for their two cops, Detective Lieutenant Elliott and Trooper Wagner, with the tagline, “They’re fine”. That final reveal of Ana De Armas’ curtain-closing mug took a deceptive amount of VFX trickery to get right. And yes, you did see a reference to Johnson’s Brick about 90 minutes in – it’s hidden in the graffiti in the tunnel.

More of that sort of thing to come for Benoit Blanc’s Greek mystery tomorrow – see you there at 6pm. Bring your own magnifying glass to look for clues.

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