Gibson The Joker

by Willow Green |
Published on

Mel Gibson, currently still involved in negotiations regarding who will direct A Tale of Two Cities, has caused a furore in Australia. In an interview with New Weekly magazine, he sung the praises of his co-star on Lethal Weapon and Ransom, Rene Russo. "When we worked in New York, she would cook stuff - she would get the homeless people off the street and bring them into her trailer and feed them and stuff like that," the actor said. Asked whether he did the same, Gibson replied, "No, I kick 'em. Spit on them, that's me.... And if I can, I try to set 'em on fire." His publicist has tried to play down the comment, saying it was "all very tongue in cheek... He's joking throughout the whole interview." What a hoot.

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