GI Joe Spin-Off Snake Eyes Movie In The Works

Snake Eyes in GI Joe

by James White |
Published on

If you were planning a film about just one of the G.I. Joe team members, Snake Eyes feels like both a compelling and a problematic choice. And yet Paramount is pushing ahead with a movie all about him.

When we say compelling, he's got quite the backstory, with family tragedy, sibling rivalry and strenuous training, plus excellent ninjutsu skills and a look that screams Make More Toys. Oh, and his history with the Joes includes lots of potential stories, as he quickly became a favourite among the 1980s toy line than spawned cartoons and live-action movies. Problems? Well, there's the whole thing about him not talking.

That will be Beauty And The Beast writer Evan Spiliotopoulos' issue to tackle, as he's making a deal to write the spin-off. Paramount has been looking to work on more Joe movies and to expand the universe of characters and situations it has through its deal with Hasbro, and this is just the latest development. No release date has been set yet, as it's still at an embryonic stage. But we do wonder whether Ray Park will get another shot at playing the character given he'll have to take his mask off at some point...

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