Get Ready For Underworld 3

No Kate this time - but extra Bill Nighy

Get Ready For Underworld 3

by Tom Ambrose |
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This should cheer you up on this horrible October morning – quality-deficient vampires vs werewolves horror franchise Underworld is about to become a trilogy!

Yes, Underworld 3 is on its way. This one is going to be called The Rise Of The Lycans and – as is the norm these days – is going to be a prequel, because we really wanted to know more about the characters in the first two films, apparently. That is to say, we apparently really wanted to know more about the characters in the first two films who weren’t Kate Beckinsale or Scott Speedman, because they’re not returning, along with Beckinsale’s husband Len Wiseman, who directed the first two films.

For this film will focus on the origins of Lucian, the chief werewolf – sorry, Lycan - played in the first film by the brilliant Michael Sheen, and his clash with Bill Nighy’s Death Dealer vampire king, Viktor. (Guys, how could you? Are your mortgage repayments piling up? Why not call Picture – they’ll give you £25,000 without any trouble, and you’ll find that scooter you’ve been looking for as well)

Along the way, Lucian will fall in love with a girl named Sonja (played by Rhona Mitra and her two friends) – although, given that she doesn’t crop up in the previous two Underworlds, we’re guessing that she gets bumped off, thus giving Lucian what we in the business call ‘motivation’.

In case you’re still reading and still care, Underworld: The Rise Of The Lycans will be directed by Patrick Tatapoulos, the creature designer on the first two movies. Wiseman hasn’t left entirely – he’ll produce for Screen Gems, along with some bods from Lakeshore Entertainment.

Danny McBride wrote the screenplay. We’ll add no further comment.

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