Gerard Butler Is A Tough Cop In The Den Of Thieves Trailer

Den Of Thieves

by James White |
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Geostorm might not exactly be going great guns at the multiplex, so Gerard Butler will likely be hoping that him back with an actual gun might draw in the crowds. He's playing a tough cop in the trailer for Den Of Thieves.

The film follows a notorious gang of bank robbers led by the likes of Pablo Schreiber and 50 Cent, who have set their sights on a tempting target. $100 million in cash is removed from circulation in the States each day, and transferred to the Federal Reserve to be destroyed. So the crooks' idea is to grab it before that happens... Easy, right?

Wrongo! On their trail is an elite unite of the Los Angeles County's Sheriff's Department, commanded by maverick officer Nick Flanagan (Butler), a man wont to bend the rules as much as his targets.

The film comes from London Has Fallen writer Christian Gudegast, who had been sitting on this one for nearly a decade, and steps up to direct after working on the script with Paul Scheuring. It'll be out on 2 February next year.

Gerard Butler Enters Den Of Thieves

Gudegast To Direct Den Of Thieves

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