Geffen Book Creates Waves

SKG founder in full expose

by Willow Green |
Published on

Dreamworks SKG co-founder David Geffen is the subject of a juicy new biography by Wall Street Journal reporter Tom King. Having gained extensive access to Geffen's colleagues and friends, King paints a compelling portrait of one of the movie's industry's richest men - but Geffen is reported to be less than impressed.

In the vein of Hollywood kiss-and-tell tomes You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again (by producer Julia Philips) and Don Simpson biography High Concept, the book traces Geffen's rise from fledgling record label owner to movie studio owner. An anecdote extracted in today's Guardian newspaper reveals that Geffen - though more famous for his relationships with men - once fell for Cher, employing legendary producer Phil Spector to work his magic for her. Unsurprisingly, the notoriously volatile Spector proved difficult to work with, first punching Geffen, then later pulling a gun on him. Buy David Geffen: A Biography of new Hollywood at

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