Gangsta Films Ahoy

With Usher and Mira Nair

by Willow Green |
Published on

Geordi the Movie News Starship Engineer arrived this morning, bringing with him an anti-news core. This anti-news unfortunately reacted violently with the normal positively charged news and utterly destroyed it, albeit providing enough power to get us to warp nine in the process. But as we streak along through space, leaving star systems and nebulae behind, we pulled in a few small specks of proto-news with our tractor beam, so here they are. First up is the news that perfectly pecced R'n'B superstar and funky mover Usher is to star in Dying For Dolly, with Chazz Palmintieri and Wrong Turn's Emmanuelle Chriqui (pronounced Shrieky). It will surprise precisely no one to learn that Palminiteri plays a Mafia don, with the "Yeah" singer as his right-hand man assigned to watch his daughter (Chriqui). And guess what? The two young people fall in love. Whatever next? Usher is also in talks to wiggle his six-pack in Step in the Name of Love, pitched as an "urban" Saturday Night Fever and set in the world of "steppin'", which is apparently a style of dancing reminiscent of swing. Even his detractors would acknowledge that Usher has serious moves, but we can't honestly say we are counting down the days. Not that he's a bad actor

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