Game Of Thrones: New Teasers Hint And Battles And Tragedy

Game Of Thrones – Season 8

by James White |
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With the final season due to kick off on 14 April in the States (with a simulcast early in the morning of 15 April here to be followed by less insomnia-inducing evening repeat), the Game Of Thrones team is ramping up the promotion while still trying not to give away too much. Three new short promotional pieces have cropped up, which means fans can start scouring them for clues. Take a look...

The first of the promos, "Together" sees the likes of Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and more pointing out that the remaining characters will have to band together if they're going to face the army of the Dead.

Then there's "Survival", which hammers that point home, with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Jamie Lannister explaining that their current situation goes beyond loyalty is about... well, the clue's in the title folks.

Finally, and most intriguingly (with a side order of worryingly), we have "Aftermath", which is character-free and mostly comprises a tour of wrecked locations in Winterfell and, crucially, a shot of Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) sword Longclaw half-buried in the snow. A bad sign for his survival, or do we simply know nothing at this point?

Game Of Thrones, as mentioned at the top of the story, returns in a couple of weeks.

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