Game Of Thrones Final Episode Trailer Teases Epic Ending

Game Of Thrones

by Ben Travis |
Published on

Are you all caught up on Game Of Thrones – including this week’s jam-packed, stressful, epic episode? Then it's time to face the upsetting truth that there’s only one instalment of HBO’s epic fantasy left. One more episode to wrap up the gripping, multi-stranded saga that made TV feel bigger and more expansive than you ever thought it could be. If you want just a little taste of what that final episode will look like, a trailer has arrived with some brief tantalising glimpses of the endgame.

If you’ve seen Episode 5 – and again, why are you reading this if you haven’t? – you’ll know that the surviving characters are in quite the pickle. By which we mean that Daenerys has gone full Mad Queen and torched King’s Landing, leaving the good-hearted but foolhardy Starks with a lingering sense that they should probably try and stop her. Cue ‘I told you so’ looks from Sansa up in Winterfell, and Varys from beyond the grave. As well as moody shots of a charred King’s Landing, the trailer suggests that the fight is far from over – with Dothraki warriors raising their arakhs and ready to charge.

There are all kinds of questions to ponder this week in the run-up to the finale – will Dany, Arya and Jon all perish in the battle to come? Will Bran help in any way whatsoever? Will anyone have time to get another Starbucks? And will that poor dragon get a second to catch its breath? We’ll find out at 2am next Monday.

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