Full Valkyrie Trailer Online

Cruise and Singer's Nazi Drama

Full Valkyrie Trailer Online

by Olly Richards |
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Now, head on over to watch the new full trailer for Valkyrie, here, and then see if you can guess what's bothering us. Is it the fact that most of the German Nazi army talks with an English accent? Is it that one of their member talks with an American accent? Is it that only less high ranking Germans seem to have actual authentic German accents?

Prizes to anyone who guess all of the above. It's hard to focus on what appears to be a very high quality drama about a failed attempt by a collection of high ranking members of the German military to assassinate Hitler, because the accents are all over the place. As in nobody's even trying to do a German accent, except some guy who is clearly German and Carice Van Houten, who's Dutch but sounds almost German in contrast to all the received pronunciation.

It's a very strange choice on director Bryan Singer's part. It takes you out of the trailer, but we hope that the film is good enough to not have it distract too much from the finished product, which looks otherwise terrific. Maybe it's a ploy to make it appear that America was responsible for everything in World War II. We all remember U-571.

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