Friday The 13th Sequel Cancelled?

Jason Voorhees appears dead in the water

Friday The 13th Sequel Cancelled?

by James White |
Published on

If you should see a hulking brute clad in a hockey mask with bitter tears leaking from beneath it and carrying a Will Slash For Food sign, chances are it’s Jason Voorhees, as one of the team behind the latest take on Friday The 13th has announced on Twitter that the sequel is dead.

Producer Brad Fuller, who brought the last movie to screens along with Andrew Form and executive overlord Michael Bay for their Platinum Dunes company answered a fan’s question about the new franchise with a very final sounding “it is dead. Not happening.”

The 2009 re-imagining of Camp Crystal Lake’s most fearsome stalker did decent business – $91 million off of a $19 million budget – but didn’t exactly wow anyone. And now it would appear that New Line and Paramount aren’t interested in continuing where this new first film left off.

Of course, this is Jason Voorhees we’re talking about, and he’s been dead many times before. So don’t underestimate his ability to rise from anything, even the lack of film company interest…

Thanks to Latino Review for spotting this.

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