Friday The 13th Remake Poster Online

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Friday The 13th Remake Poster Online

by Olly Richards |
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IGN has the first poster for the remake of Friday The 13th. Click the small version below to see it bigger.

As you will surely have noticed, that's Jason there in the familiar hockey mask, despite the fact that the original movie's killer was Mrs Voorhees. That's because this film will be taking a revisionist look at the start of the story, actually having more in common with Friday The 13th Part 2. The audience will expect Jason, so they get Jason.

Friday The 13th is directed by Marcus Nispel, who did a pretty solid job with his update of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which tried to be something very different to Tobe Hooper's original. That's what a remake should do, take a new angle on a story, and hopefully bodes well for this movie.


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