Fox Plans Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Movie

Choose Your Own Adventure (books)

by James White |
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The Choose Your Own Adventure books have been something of an obsession for 20th Century Fox in the last few years, with several announcements of permutations for a movie based on the 1980s set. Now, at the company's CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas, executives announced that they've hatched a deal with interactive film company Kino Industries to develop an app that should bring the essential element of the books to life.

Choose Your Own Adventure books created by Edward Packard and assisted by RA Montgomery arrived in the 1980s and, after a slow start, became a massive hit, spurring a long series of tomes where readers could dictate where the story goes.

Fox bought the rights from the publishers and Montgomery in 2013, and has been developing ideas for it ever since. Of course, one big sticking point, at least in terms of cinema distribution, was how to replicate the experience when movies usually stick to being linear narratives. The answer – even if it sounds like it could lead to annoying people with their phones out – is to have audiences download the Kino app and allow them to dictate where the story goes. Because that won't lead to people brawling when their choice doesn't make the cut. It's certainly an ambitious idea though – you'd get a few different experiences and even running times depending on audience choice.

"Bringing game changing, innovative technology to audiences and enhancing the cinematic experience has always been a cornerstone of the Twentieth Century Fox brand and our next venture is the outstanding CtrlMovie technology we are utilizing for Choose Your Own Adventure, ” Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson, said on stage. “This interactive experience, and the passionate, creative team behind this project, allow the true spirit of the beloved book series to fall into the hands of fans around the world."

Producers John Davis and John Fox are still involved, and the studio has also brought in Love, Simon director (and experienced TV producer) Greg Berlanti alongside Sarah Schechter from his company to oversee future development. Of course, by the time the film is ready for screens, the adventure it could have chosen might be one brought to you by Disney...

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