Fox Offers To Buy Time Warner

Rupert Murdoch has a merger on his mind

Fox Offers To Buy Time Warner

by James White |
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Big companies trying to buy each other or merge may not be as exciting as, say, giant robots clanging around a cityscape, but they could have just as much impact. In the latest bout between mega-corps, Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox has made an offer to buy Time Warner, home to Warner Bros.

Warners has apparently rebuffed the huge $80 billion deal, which would have combined assets including the company’s film studio and Murdoch’s own 20th Century Fox with other properties including HBO and Fox News (Federal rules mean that Warners' CNN would have to be sold off under the deal).

Of course, while the merger opens up the intriguing possibility of crossovers on the film front like Wolverine Vs. Batman, the combination of movie studios might also mean less competition and less choice for both filmmakers and auddiences, as pointed out in a worried tweet from writer/director Brad Bird.

Dear 21st Century Fox wants to buy Warner Bros., DON'T. We need more studios, not fewer & bigger. It's already too hard. Hugs, Filmmaker > > — Brad Bird (@BradBirdA113) [July 16, 2014](

For now, the merger is just a Murdoch dream that has been turned down, but we doubt this will be the last attempt by the Fox boss to build the scale of his film and TV business. And mergers seem to be increasing as companies seek to fight off the challenges from the Internet and other players. But at what cost to the audience?

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