Fox Hunts Down Taking Flight

David Gordon Green on teen outlaw tale?

Fox Hunts Down Taking Flight

by James White |
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Kids these days, eh? When they’re not Tweeting about the radical tunes they downloaded from the Magical Interwebz, they’re opening the Facebooks and playing Mafia Farm or some such thing. Or if they’re 18-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, they’re stealing boats, cars and even planes, evading local police, the FBI and Homeland Security. So what better way to discourage copycats by turning him into a cinematic hero? 20th Century Fox couldn’t agree more, and has optioned the film rights to Bob Friel’s book idea Taking Flight: The Hunt For A Young Outlaw.

Production company Rough House Pictures, run by Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, Jody Hill and Matt Reilly, is spearheading the development of the film with Green considering it as a possible directing job.

Friel profiled Harris-Moore for a magazine article, tracking the story of the wayward teen as he waged a one-man crime spree in the US, racking up what’s believed to be more than 100 crimes and a massive Facebook following (shocker!)

He’s also earned a nickname – The Barefoot Burglar after, well, high-tailing it sans shoes from one of his break-ins.

We’ve got the perfect plan: get the film made quickly, then invite him to the premiere. Once he shows up, nab him! Foolproof!

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