Fox Atomic Buy Harvey And Merky

Comedy pitch about two teenage friends

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Superbad, you have a lot to answer for. No sooner has the Judd Apatow-Seth Rogen-Evan Goldberg-Michael Cera-Jonah Hill-Greg Mottola-The-Guy-Who-Plays-McLovin comedy hit the $100 million mark in the States, than we get news that Fox Atomic has bought a pitch which they clearly hope will follow in Superbad’s tasteless but touching high school buddy comedy footsteps.

Harvey And Marky: A True Story Of Friendship And Betrayal, revolves around the titular friends who fall out when the shy Marky gets a girlfriend and, as a result, independence. An enraged Harvey decides to keep up with the Joneses by hiring a fake girlfriend. Hilarity ensues. Probably.

Not the most promising start, we’re sure you’ll agree and, given Fox Atomic’s generally shaky output, the outlook looks bleak.

However, the spec script’s writers, Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel, are making something of a name for themselves in Hollywood – they’ve just been tapped to write Jim Carrey’s new comedy, The Yes Man (based on the Danny Wallace book), so clearly they have something about them. So let’s not write this off as Superbad Lite just yet... (even though we kinda did already)

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