Four New Hobbit Banner Posters Arrive

Plus a darker international one-sheet

Four New Hobbit Banner Posters Arrive

by Ali Plumb |
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Four more The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey posters are here, and this time they're really rather, um, landscape.

There's the band of treasure hunters walking up the side of the Misty Mountains; a beautiful Gollum, Bilbo and Sting number; Gandalf by Bilbo's door – not Weta Workshop's finest photo manipulation there, to be honest – and a lettuce-centred scene inside Bag End, all ale and smiles and songs and laughter.

The team behind all these The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey posters have really been spoiling Tolkien fans of late, as these banners follow on behind such other beauties as this Muppets-like dwarves poster, this character scroll poster, this plot-revealing scroll poster, and, as you'll see from our Hobbit future film page, a whole lot more.

Then there's this international Hobbit poster from Argentina's Cine1 – complete with watermark in the top corner – which is the darkest, most sinister poster yet. Take a look below and let us know what you think...

{International Hobbit Cine1}

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey finally gets here on December 14.

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