Flight 93 Movie Website Goes Live

Cast details finally revealed

Flight 93 Movie Website Goes Live

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The official website of Flight 93, the Paul Greengrass-directed film about 9/11’s fourth hijacked plane, has gone live, and with it details of the film’s cast has finally been revealed.

In keeping with Greengrass’ intensely realistic pseudo-documentary style on Bloody Sunday, and indeed the sensitive approach to the material that Greengrass, producers Lloyd Levin, Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan are instigating, the cast is composed of unknowns. Only David Rasche, who starred in ‘80s TV comedy, Sledge Hammer!, might be considered a ‘name’.

The airplane’s captain, Captain Jason M. Dahl, will be played by J.J. Johnson, while the four Al Qaeda hijackers, who took over the flight soon after it left Boston airport, only to encounter resistance from crew and passengers that led to the plane’s fatal crash into Pennsylvania fields, will be played by Khalid Abdalla, Omar Berdouni, Jamie Harding and Lewis Alsamari.

The website also allows visitors to record their thoughts and feelings on both the project itself and September 11 at the forums, while a full-blown memorial is in the works. The website will constantly update with news about the production, with Greengrass himself posting updates and answering readers’ questions.

To find out more about the website, go to www.theflight93project.com

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