First The World’s End Poster Online

Spot the pubs!

First The World's End Poster Online

by James White |
Published on

Though the announcement that **The World’s End **has been greenlit is not really a surprise, given that both Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have both said it shoots this September / October, something new has leaked into the world: a poster. Deadline debuted the image to tie in with Comic-Con, and you can take a look in the gallery below.

Though it’s simply a list of twelve pubs – the ones that will feature in the main characters’ crawl during the plot – it’s still intriguing. Anyone else think each name might mean more than simply the name of a watering hole? Let the debates begin! But please no “cock” jokes. Thanking you.

While it’s too early to really, truly guess anything substantive, you know Messrs Wright and Pegg will layer the movie full of little touches. As mentioned, the plot finds five childhood friends reuniting after 20 years because one of them – Pegg's 40-year-old Gary King, who refuses to grow up – is trying to drag his less-than-enthusiastic mates on a recreation of an epic pub crawl in their home town, which culminated at a boozer called The World’s End.

**The World’s End **will arrive in 2013. That’ll show the Mayans, eh?

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