First teaser trailer and new poster for Doctor Strange arrives

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

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Update: Another poster for the film is online, and can be found at the bottom of the page.

We might know what Benedict Cumberbatch looks like as the character, but how does he act as Doctor Strange with all the mystery and magic surrounding him? Now is the first chance to sort of find out as the teaser trailer for Marvel's Doctor Strange has arrived, though it concentrates on Strange before he assumes his true powers.

You may well know the story by now, but just in case... Talented, arrogant New York surgeon Stephen Strange's world is rocked when he's badly hurt in a car accident. Looking to help regain his skills, he turns to an unusual mystic and healer known as The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). Chiwetel Ejiofor is fellow sorcery student (and potential future rival) Baron Mordo, while Rachel McAdams as another New York-based medic who serves as Strange’s main connection back to humanity. And then there's Mads Mikkelsen as the still-unknown villain of this first outing.

We're promised a lot of weirdness for this one that the trailer only hints at, since Strange's experience expands to encompass various dimensions (including the Quantum Realm first glimpsed in Ant-Man's climactic scenes) and director Scott Derrickson plans to make full use of 3D to bring it all to life. That's for the film itself, though; for now enjoy Cumberbatch standing with his back to us (it's something of a habit) contemplating the Window of Worlds on the poster for the movie.

Doctor Strange UK poster

Doctor Strange will hit UK cinemas on October 28 before arriving in the US on November 4.

Doctor Strange poster 2
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