First Pics From Nim’s Island

Gerard Butler is...Indiana Jones?

First Pics From Nim's Island

by Olly Richards |
Published on

USA Today has the first pics from Nim's Island, starring Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin, which you can see here.

Based on a children's book, Nim's Island tells of little Nim (Breslin) and her father (Butler) who live on a tropical Australian island, the elder researching plankton and the younger making friends with the local fauna. When her father's boat goes missing in a storm, Nim calls upon fictional adventurer Alex Rover (Butler again, this time dressed like cinema's favourite action archaeologist), who is actually the alter ego of Nim's email buddy, a reclusive author (Foster).

So, the little girl calls upon her dad to save her dad? And the isolated tropical island has email? Children's books are weird.

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