First Pic From Lost Boys 2

Bow ye down before Corey

First Pic From Lost Boys 2

by Olly Richards |
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The first image from Lost Boys 2 has cropped up in an unlikely source. Yes, US gossip mag In Touch has secured the first peek at Corey Feldman reprising his role as a vampire thwarting layabout twenty years on and you can see it at shocktillyoudrop here. He's more dangerous now – we can tell this because he's got a neck tattoo.

There's something upsetting about the fact that there's just the one Corey in this photo, since Haim opted out over the fact that Feldman's part was better (dude, Feldman was always the better Corey), but our '80s self really wants to see this. The photo credit in In Touch says that the other person in the picture is Shaun Sipos, but we're pretty sure that's Tad Hilgenbrink looking sceptical. As the only person who ever saw American Pie: Band Camp, I consider myself to be one who knows a Tad Hilgenbrink when he sees one.

In the sequel, Hilgenbrink plays a young man who comes to Luna Bay with his sister, following the death of their parents. His sister rather stupidly falls for a vampire, which means that her elder brother must destroy them – with the help of Edgar Frog (Feldman) before she becomes all bitey. Awesomely, one of the vampires is played by Angus Sutherland, brother of Kiefer. Do you actually need more reasons to see this?

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