First Mortal Kombat: Legacy Clip Online

Update: Full first episode has arrived!

First Mortal Kombat: Legacy Clip Online

by Owen Williams |
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Update: the full twelve-minute first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is now online for your entirely free perusal at Machinima's YouTube channel. Give us your reviews in the comments below!


Kevin Tancharoen's repurposed **Mortal Kombat **web series is almost upon us, and to whet our appetites for the pain-bringing here's a clip of Michael Jai White and Darren Shahlavi as Jax and Kano, knocking seven bells out of one another in Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

In keeping with Rebirth, the short film that kicked it all off, you'll notice nothing resembling an absurdly gory fatality, or an animality or a babality. But there's perhaps a hint of a friendship at the end there, when things start to go equally pear-shaped for both fighters. Kano doesn't remove anyone's skeleton and Jax doesn't seem to have bionic arms that can cause minor earthquakes. It's a good rumble, but would you have identified it as Mortal Kombat if you weren't already primed?

Aside from White and Shahlavi, Mortal Kombat: Legacy stars Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade and Anthony Dale as Scorpion. Early signs are that the plot involves Scorpion being tasked by cops Jax and Blade to infiltrate the underground MK tournament and bring down uberboss Shang Tsung, while trying to be professional about his personal animosity with Sub-Zero. We bet that works out well.

Tancharoen co-wrote the series with Spartacus scribes Todd and Aaron Helbing, and it debuts online on April 12.

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