First Look At Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood

Pic from new Ridley Scott film online

First Look At Russell Crowe's Robin Hood

by Chris Hewitt |
Published on

The first shot of Russell Crowe as **Robin Hood **in the new Ridley Scott film has hit the net – and anyone who’s going to see Crowe in this weekend’s State Of Play might be pleasantly surprised to see that the 45 year-old actor is back in Gladiator mode.

The hair… the physique… the glowering, ready-for-action stare… it’s all there, with a couple of slight differences. The massive bow and arrow, for one. And the new, updated version of Hood’s famous scarlet green tights – no Errol Flynn-style cap for Crowe. "He's got armor. He's very medieval,” producer Brian Grazer told USA Today.

Filming on the project, which now seems to have been officially named Robin Hood, started only a couple of weeks ago, so this is a very quick first look at the new Robin. And we’re impressed. Hie thee along to to see what else Grazer had to say about one of next summer’s most anticipated blockbusters.

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