First Look At Iron Man’s Suit

The proper one; not the rusty tin thing

First Look At Iron Man's Suit

by empire |
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The lovely folks at the rather super Entertainment Weekly have got the first look at Iron Man's suit. And this time we're talking the high-gloss, multi-coloured kick-your-ass suit, not the one we've already seen that looked a bit liked Dusty Bin gussied up for a hot date.

Click here to see it.

Well, we likey. We likey lot. It's very much in keeping with the original comic book look. The suit, designed by FX god Stan Winston, has kept the original colour scheme, albeit a bit slicker and less eye-searing. It's all very much in keeping with the grown up, proper-movie feeling that Jon Favreau is going for. Which is why this is currently edging quickly up on The Dark Knight for our most anticipated comic book movie of 2008.

We definitely used too many hyphens in that story.

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