First Look At A Dangerous Method

David Cronenberg gets inside your mind

First Look At A Dangerous Method

by Phil de Semlyen |
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While David Cronenberg isn't a director you'd immediately associate with period pieces dripping in 19th century finery, he seems to have taking to the whole costumed drama business with aplomb, judging from this early look at his A Dangerous Method.

Cronenberg's films have a habit of crawling into your mind and curling up there, so the father of modern psychotherapy Sigmund Freud seems an ideal subject for the Canadian auteur to tackle. The film itself is a three-hander focusing not only on the sofa king himself, but his acolyte/pupil/fellow cravat fanatic Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and emotionally volatile patient Sabina (a wan-looking Keira Knightley), with whom Jung is having an affair.

A Dangerous Method was, of course, greenlit as The Talking Cure. It's a title change that reflects the controversy that enshrouded Freud's theories at the time, as well as his serious butting of heads with Jung, and a cocaine habit that would have made Pablo Escobar's eyes water. As you can see from this pic, this not the Freud who wandered around San Dimas mall looking a bit befuddled. Click on the pic below for more stills from the film.

A Dangerous Method


Based on Christopher Hampton's (Dangerous Liaisons) play, which Hampton has adapted himself, A Dangerous Method is currently shooting in Germany and Austria for a 2011 release.

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