First Look At Sci-Fi Thriller T.I.M.


by James White |

As our phones and other devices become increasingly complicated and intelligent, we're all worrying that they'll eventually go scarily wrong. It's a concept explored in co-writer/director Spencer Brown's new sci-fi thriller T.I.M., which has wrapped shooting and stars Georgina Campbell, Eamon Farren and Mark Rowley.

Co-written by Sarah Govett, the film follows prosthetics scientist Abi (Campbell) and her adulterous husband Paul (Rowley) as they adjust to life outside the city and Abi begins working for high-tech company Integrate, developing a humanoid AI - T.I.M (Farren).

At first, T.I.M appears to be the perfect aid, understanding and catering to their every need but at the same time it is becoming more and more obsessed with Abi, until it will stop at nothing to take Paul’s place…


"It’s been a privilege to have such an incredible cast for my first movie - Georgina lights up the screen with her amazing presence and subtlety, Mark wins our hearts with his humour, depth and humanity, and Eamon completes the central trio with a brilliant AI performance that showcases his truly world-class talent," says Brown. "I hope it’s something that will still be watched when people have house robots of their own!"

With Amara Karan, Nathaniel Parker and Tom Bell in the cast, the film's rights will be for sale at this year's American Film Market, kicking off next month.

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