First Elektra Trailer Online

Reader shock as 'Elektr-ic' puns run out

by Willow Green |
Published on

You've waited patiently for months it's finally paid off and this hallowed trailer has at last arrived. But it's a Friday after all and if you've already seen the Episode III trailer and have five minutes to spare then the new preview for Elektra is well worth a look too. The lovely Jennifer Garner takes centre stage here as the woman in red, picking up where she left off before she died (don't ask, we're sure it's explained) in Daredevil. Now there's a lot going on in the trailer so you'll have to pay attention. You've got Typhoid Mary (poorly girl, wan complexion), mystical Hand assassin, Tattoo (he's, like, the one with the tattoos) Terence Stamp's blind martial arts master (wearing a somewhat undignified cap) and, of course, Goran Visnjic and his moppet, whom Elektra is tasked to eliminate but ends up rather fond of. There are things missing too, though, like any mention of a connection to Daredevil, which was an interesting decision. So is it any good? The answer is yes. The film's certainly more of a CG-fest than we'd anticipated, but the action's impressive, the production value's high and you can't really go wrong with ninja's flying out of the trees and leaves swirling around combatants in Zhang Yimou stylee. The trailer's quite an assault on the senses so we recommend a couple of viewings to really get a feel for it but, all in all, we think you'll be impressed. And all you Alias fans will assuredly lap this up. You can view the trailer here.

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