It’s finally got a name

(well, a working title at least)

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More rumours/information... The working title of the first film is Way of the Force (previously Balance of the Force), with the second prequel possibly titled Rise of the Empire and the third Dark Jedi's Revenge or Fall of the Jedi. Natalie Portman will play the young queen/Luke and Leia's mom; Liam Neeson is a venerable Jedi knight (it says here); lil' Anakin Skywalker will be played by eight-year-old Jake Lloyd (from Jingle All the Way, but we won't hold it against him); Terence Stamp is apparently on to play a younger Moff Tarkin, the role Peter Cushing took in A New Hope; Ian McDiarmid may reprise his role from Return of the Jedi as Emperor Palpatine; and mega Star Wars fan Samuel L. Jackson, after begging and pleading with George Lucas, may have a cameo in one of the movies. Regarding plot details, there are suggestions that the first film begins with R2-D2 rolling off the production line; that C-3PO is an aide to the soon-to-be Emperor, who in turn has a fling with the future leader of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma; that there is a spectacular wedding ceremony in the second part for Anakin and the Queen; and that Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt and some large and hairy Wookies (possibly including Chewbacca) will be putting in appearances.

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