Final Score Trailer Has Dave Bautista Battling Terrorists At A Football Match

Final Score

by James White |
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Anything The Rock can do, Dave Bautista can... also do? In a football stadium instead of a giant building? If you wanted to watch Bautista putting the hurt on a group of nasty Euro-thugs, the trailer for Final Score should hit the back of the net.

Football might not quite have come home as we thought it might, but Bautista's former soldier will try to save it more than even Jordan Pickford's stalwart efforts. Coming across like a footie-focused version of Sudden Death, the movie finds Knox targeted by terror types who have rigged West Ham's stadium to blow if he doesn't track down a Russian named Dimitri (played by Pierce Brosnan). He has 90 minutes – there will be no extra time – and then it's goodbye to everyone in the stadium, including Knox's niece.

Final Score

So what's an action hero to do? The words "penalty shootout" come to mind here... With Ray Stevenson among the scowling baddies, the film comes from director Scott Mann, with a script by David T. Lynch and Keith Lynch. It'll be in UK cinemas on 7 September (Sky Cinema viewers will be able to see it at home on the same day), before heading to the States on 14 September.

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