Final Destination 5 Gets A Writer

The Thing’s Eric Heisserer is hired

Final Destination 5 Gets A Writer

by James White |
Published on

Aiming to make the latest (you know, after the “final” film) entry in the Final Destination series, New Line has nabbed writer Eric Heisserer to create the script.

Heisserer is getting something of a reputation for getting problem films solved and shooting: he’s credited with the screenplays for both the new** Nightmare On Elm Street **and the prequel to The Thing. Both had lingered in development for a while.

And, according to the Heat Vision Blog, the Destination series could do with a similar jolt after studio types saw the last one hit with production problems and a critical drubbing. Still, it made money and so the fifth film was pushed into development.

We doubt Heisserer will completely re-invent the wheel, since the core element of the franchise – bunch of high-schoolers/ twentysomethings escape death at a catastrophe, only for the reaper to hunt them down in creative fashion – is one of its selling points.

And while nothing much has been revealed yet, we’re told one scene features laser-eye surgery. Ouchie!

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