The Final Battle Is Here In The New Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

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by James White |
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Given that Transformers: The Last Knight arrives on our screens in just a couple of short weeks (take that as either the threat or delight you perceive it to be), the publicity machine has ramped up. You might think that at this point, the franchise barely needs advertising, but we've been subjected to the usual barrage. Here comes what will likely be a final trailer...

By this point, you surely know what to expect from Michael Bay's robogeddon entries: lots of explosions, clanking metal warriors in combat, sweeping shots and one or two people (including Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins and Laura Haddock this time around).

The Last Knight's big concept is that Transformers have been on Earth a looong time (which we've learned previously), but that they've had a much bigger, if secret, role to play in human history thus far. Now, with Optimus Prime back from space like a wayward teenager who has learned something on his gap year travels – except it's a potentially world-ending truth about Cybertron and Earth – the battle for the future is on. And the past will have a role to play.

Cue dragon-bots, robo-knights and lots of running around. Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel and Stanley Tucci help to round out the main cast, and the movie will be in UK cinemas from 22 June.

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