Ferrell Leaves Neighbourhood Watch

Along with director David Dobkin

Ferrell Leaves Neighbourhood Watch

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Back in May it was announced that Will Ferrell was planning to join director David Dobkin for **Neighbourhood Watch (adjust spelling depending on what side of the Atlantic you inhabit). But now both have left the project, without giving any reason as yet.

The film's about a city dweller (Ferrell, as was) who moves to the suburbs, joins the Neighbourhood Watch and uncovers a gigantic conspiracy as a result. So sort of The Burbs but maybe without the Addams family next door.

Dobkins submitted a new version of the script recently according to Variety, so it's tempting to assume that a disagreement over that latest draft is the cause for the split, but it may simply be workload for both star and director: Dobkins has another four films in development, and Ferrell five.

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