Ferrell Gets Even Busier

Is this news?

by Willow Green |
Published on

We just grabbed a peek at Will Ferrell's schedule planner. 'Monday: Make a film. Tuesday: Make another film. Wednesday: Make yet another film. Thursday: Softball with the guys. Have a bite to eat. Then make another film.' And so on... Yep, Ferrell - who, last time we checked, had signed up to star in 389 upcoming projects, including A Confederacy of Dunces, The Producers and Bewitched - is the busiest sonuvabitch in Tinseltown. And he's just added another to his heaving plate of filmic goodness. Stranger Than Fiction, a comedy directed by Monster's Ball helmer Marc Forster, is next (or, potentially, thirteenth on the Anchorman star's hitlist). In it, Ferrell will play an IRS auditor who begins to hear a voice in his head that seems to know everything about him - including when he will die... It's a pitch that sounds decidedly high-concept to us, but since we'd pay to see Ferrell play shove ha'penny in our backyard (and frequently have), we'll line up for this. The man is a comic genius and can do no wrong. The project, as of yet, has no studio attached (and, indeed, Ferrell's only in talks), but if all goes well, it should start filming sometime this year. Ferrell's diary permitting, of course.

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