Fede Álvarez On To Direct New Zombie Movie

Fede Alvarez

by James White |
Published on

With the world in grip of a massive, deadly pandemic, now might not be the time for a film about the world in the grip of a massive, deadly... Well, you get the idea. Yet zombie movies are nothing if not topical, and Fede Álvarez has decided that what the world needs now is an undead pandemic thriller called 16 States.

Lionsgate is putting the film together (as least as much as it can with everyone working remotely), with a script that began life as a spec by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. 16 States sees a mother trying to reach her family in the middle of a massive zombie infestation. The writers actually began the script long before the current outbreak, but now it feels that much more timely, and studios showed real interest despite the potential impact of the subject matter.

Álvarez, who made the Evil Dead reboot for Sam Raimi and went on to the likes of Don't Breathe, will naturally have to wait to work on the film, given that nothing is shooting right now.

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