Favreau Wants Keys To Magic Kingdom

He may direct the family fantasy...

Favreau Wants Keys To Magic Kingdom

by James White |
Published on

It looks like Jon Favreau wants a crack at Disney’s fortress, as he’s in talks to handle the Mouse House’s planned theme park-focused adventure film Magic Kingdom.

You might recall that the basic premise takes a Night at the Museum-style approach to one of the big Disney theme parks, with the attractions coming to life and causing all sorts of problems for hapless guests.

Disney has been trying to get this one to come alive itself for almost two years now, but really got some life thanks to Battlestar Galactica’s Ron Moore, who worked on a new draft. (Though earlier reports had him pitching a similar idea to Universal, and Disney responding by shoving its own take into development).

Chances are it’ll have to wait a bit longer still – the studio has its hands full with its current big projects and Favreau has agreed to develop the script, which means he’ll have writers working on it as he makes other movies.

The director, of course, is no stranger to big fantasy/sci-fi – he’s brought the world two** Iron Man** films, Zathura and the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens. And while there has recently been some doubt that he’ll actually come back for Iron Man 3, we bet that Disney's fresh claim to the film's distribution will have the executives working on getting him to commit to that as well…

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