Extraordinary Measures Trailer Online

Harrison Ford medical researches!

Extraordinary Measures Trailer Online

by Helen O'Hara |
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So one of these men played Indiana Jones for years; one played a decent pretender to his crown - but now, Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser are working together to cure dread diseases in Extraordinary Measures, the generically-titled medical drama that's just released its trailer online.

Based - in the fine old tradition of, say, Lorenzo's Oil - on a true story, Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell here play parents whose two children are afflicted with a rare, and fatal, genetic disorder. In desperation they seek out anti-social but brilliant research scientist who might, maybe, be able to help.

We have a feeling that this is one of those trailers that tells you pretty much the whole story of the film, but there looks to be a fair amount of emotion, conflict, redemption and possibly miracle-working in there, so if you're into triumph-over-the-odds stories, this could be perfect for you.

Extraordinary Measures (not to be confused with Extreme Measures or extraordinary rendition) is out in the UK on February 26.

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