Exclusive: Ridley Signs Ewan

Ewan McGregor confirms for Black Hawk Down

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Ridley Scott has put together a crack team of British actors to star in his next movie, Black Hawk Down, and Ewan McGregor is now confirmed as one of the Brit-heavy cast. Empire Online spoke to Ewan's co-star Jason Isaacs at the Empire Awards this week and found out that preparing for the movie, which tells the story of the American troops caught in Mogadishu in 1993, hasn't been a bed of roses. 'I've just been doing Boot Camp in Fort Bening Georgia with the real US Rangers for a week,' said Jason, who was sporting a harsh hairdo. 'That accounts for the shaved head.' 'It was too tough, frankly,' he told us. 'It's a great thing to have done, in retrospect. But I can't pretend that in the middle of it, I didn't wish I was here. The first two days was fun, and the last day was fun - it was just the time in between when you thought "When is this ever going to end?"' Asked who his fellow cast members were, Isaacs told us; 'The Ewans are in it - McGregor and Bremner, Ioan Gruffudd is in it - although he wasn't at boot camp because he's playing a pilot, Orlando Bloom, Matthew Marsden, Tom Hardy. I'm bound to forget someone's name and they'll kill me!'

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