Exclusive Interview Disney on Y2K releases

Roy Disney talks about Disney's animation blockbusters due out this year

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While Fantasia 2000 sees out its first week in IMAX cinemas around the country, the film's producer, and nephew to Walt, Roy Disney spoke to Empire On-Line about the Mouse Kingdom's forthcoming projects.

First up is Dinosaur, due for release in the UK in the autumn, which promises to go further than even Jurassic Park in its depiction of those extinct creatures that once ruled the Earth. 'It's about a totally photo-realistic computer-generated family of dinosaurs,' says Disney.

'It's astonishingly realistic stuff. It's one hundred per cent dinosaurs. There are no humans in it. It takes place in the cretaceous period, just when a big meteor lands on Earth threatening the dinosaurs' extinction. It's about their survival after the meteor hits, and they're all displaced and they try to find their way to the promised land - it's a sort of trek movie.'

Meanwhile, the fully animated Kingdom In The Sun, which has a December 2000 release date slated for the US, sees voice talent David Spade and John Goodman team up with slinky songstress Eartha Kitt in the tale of a pretentious Prince turned into a Llama for his boastful ways.

Disney - who calls it 'a really cute, spoofy, sassy little movie' says 'it began life as a pretentious non-spoofy kind of movie about the Inca civilisation, the Andes and all of the folklore about Sun Gods. It was really, really boring.' Set now in the foothills of the mountains, with Spade as the Prince and Goodman his replacement, it appears that Kitt - as the Sun Goddess - is there for comic relief. 'She looks like Kitt,' laughs Disney, 'like she's a thousand years old.'

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