Exclusive: Glamorama Update

Roger Avary on latest Easton Ellis adaptation

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Having debuted his adaptation of The Rules of Attraction at the London Film Festival this weekend, director Roger Avary is now putting his efforts into Brett Easton Ellis' sequel, Glamorama. "I've just finished the screenplay for Glamorama," he told Empire Online, "which is the continuing adventures of Victor Ward. It's structurally very different from The Rules of Attraction because it has a much more linear storyline and travels a much more defined path. It has a much more direct, almost spy thriller-like storyline, and yet the cinematic devices - and they really are cinematic - that Brett employs in the book are what really set it aside. It's about losing your own identity and descending into a phantom existence which is fascinating and classic Easton Ellis." Fans of the author will greet news of another impending adaptation with relish but, as a special treat, Avary will be working on another Easton Ellis-inspired project in the interim. "I'm currently working on Glitterati," he told us. "It's the European sequence from The Rules of Attraction, which I'm expanding into a feature-length film." The sequence in question is a frenetic montage charting Kip Pardue's character in his journeys around Europe; a blink of the eye during the film, but now given a new lease of life in an original feature. "I shot 70 hours of digital video for that little four-minute sequence. When I realised how good the footage was, I knew that I had to make it into a film of its own. I consider it to be something of a bridge film that will connect the The Rules of Attraction and Glamorama."

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