Exclusive: Ewan’s Plans For Episode II

Will Ewan's Obi-Wan go the full monty?

by Willow Green |
Published on

Oh what a joy it must be finally to put your side of the story across. In an interview which features in the June issue of Empire magazine (due out 1 May) Ewan McGregor takes the opportunity to answer readers' questions about a host of rumours surrounding supposed future projects. In response to one reader's question about whether Ewan had acquired the rights to Alfie, the actor is quick to set the record straight. 'You know, I hear about so many things that I'm apparently doing, about this project or that project, but the simple answer is "No." I would never have the audacity to touch Alfie...It would be an insult to Michael Caine and the filmmakers, and it has never even crossed my mind.' Ewan was equally keen to clear up the gossip about Courtney Love wanting him for her Bay City Rollers biopic. 'I don't know anything about it,' he told the magazine. 'Quite frankly, Courtney Love has never said anything to me.' But now to the matter that's obviously been driving Star Wars fans wild with anticipation - is Ewan going to take the opportunity of Episode II to do his now-customary full monty? 'Only if I can get away with it.' Read the rest of Empire's Public Access interview with Ewan in the June issue of Empire out on the newsstands 1 May 2000.

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