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Raimi and Campbell to remake horror classic

by Willow Green |
Published on

Stop a hundred horror junkies in the street and ask them for the best horror film of all time and you can be sure at least half will pipe up with one of Sam Raimi's glorious Evil Dead films. While we at the Empire office may wrangle (and occasionally strangle) over which of the three is the better film, there's no denying that this gory triumvirate proved definitively that a) Raimi is a god among men b) Bruce Campbell is the most underrated actor alive and c) plasticine is a LOT scarier than we were led to believe as children. Bearing all this in mind, you will perhaps be both overjoyed and mortified to learn that the iconic Evil Dead has been added to the remake roster. Before you panic, it's worth mentioning that Raimi, Campbell and original producing partner Rob Tapert will be overseeing the project so it's certainly in safe hands. The downside though, is that Raimi won't be directing. On the one hand, updating a classic with modern technology seems like a good idea but, with Evil Dead, the low tech approach was one of its charms. You wouldn't go into the Louvre and start redoing Monet's work as Magic Eye drawings now would you? No you wouldn't, because the French would have your eyes. The same holds true here. Oh we're fascinated to see what they come up with but, even with Raimi at the wheel, this would be a risky proposition and without him? Well, things do not bode well. Its unclear whether Campbell will return to play Ashly 'Ash' Williams, but the thought of anyone else taking up the boomstick is almost too terrible to contemplate.

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